A powerful and hands-on brand strategy tool

We invented the Brand Development Canvas not only to discover and map out all your brand’s essentials, but also as a powerful and hands-on tool to actually start developing your brand strategy.

Whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur or senior executive, the Brand Development Canvas helps you to build a strong and engaging brand!

The Brand Development Canvas explained

What you stand for

Start building the foundation of your brand strategy by discovering what you stand for & excel in as an organization. From the core values as the cornerstones of your brand, to the strengths that distinguishes you from your competitors.

For whom you add value

Converging from customer segments to Personas, we focus on for whom you add value and how you help them to be successful. Including the buyer journey your customer is going through and the channels you use to communicate with them.

What you promise them

In the heart of the canvas the main reason why your future customers should buy from you is defined in your Brand Promise. Together with the top 3 brand goals to successfully deliver this promise, you are ready to start building your brand strategy!

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